Form 1099-Misc Instructions

E-File Magic has a new website! E-File Magic has a new website!  Have you seen it?  It  is beautiful.  The only problem, it’s missing a few key pages.  Like form instructions!  In the old days (before our beautiful new website) whenever I needed to take a peek at 1099-MISC instructions I would access them at  Now, if I want to see instructions, I go to the IRS website…. So, I thought I would add the instructions here, on my blog.  Starting with 1099-MISC and working my way down to W2-G.

But wait! You ask… “What does E-File Magic have to do with 1099-MISC forms?”  Oh, let me tell you.. E-File Magic is your one stop source for creating, printing and mailing and e-Filing your 1099-MISC and 1099 related forms.  It’s super easy to use too!  Our all new application is very user-friendly and will help you quickly and easily add your 1099-MISC data, and get your 1099 forms ready to print before the IRS mail deadline of February 2nd!  Oh and let me tell you, February 2nd is less than 36 days away! So, here it is! just click on the link to access Form 1099-Misc Instructions!  i1099msc

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